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06-13-2021-Group 1-Truth-Sincerity-Deepa Narayanan

Teacher: Deepa Narayanan Attendance: Trikrisan, Pradhan; Trijeena, Pradhan; Aanya, Kashyap; Sairam, Palicha; Maleeha, Shrestha;Keshav, Moorthy; Asha, Chattoo Value: Truth Sub-Value: Sincerity Life Application: Pray Swami to sincerely to help you to let go your bad qualities that you wrote down in your class activity, also discuss and speak to your parents about truth and how …

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05-23-2021-Group 3 – 4-Love-Sharing-Sujatha Ananthabhotla

Teacher: Sujatha Ananthabhotla Attendance: Vaishnavi Ravi; Annika Prabhu; Keerthana Madhira; Sujay Sundar; Shreya Narayan; Abhishek Shanmugam; Akshatha Nagatheepan Value: Love Sub-Value: Sharing Life Application: Write a brief summary on the works of a philanthropist who shared his fortune for noble causes. LessonPlan Download: Group 3 – 4 – 05-23-2021   To Go Back to SSE …

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04-04-2021-Group 4-Peace-Discipline-Jothi Narayanan

Teacher: Jothi Narayanan Attendance: Abhishek Shanmugam, Sujay Sundar, Akshatha, Annika Prabhu, Diya Rajput, Gita Ramakrishnan, Keertana Madhira, Shreya Narayan and Vaishnavi Ravichandar Value: Peace Sub-Value: Discipline Life Application: Students have to convert at least 2 tasks into action by doing that are in their mind for a while. LessonPlan Download: Group 4 – 04-04-2021   …

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06-06-2021-Group 2-Truth-Honesty-Tanuja Rasaputra

Teacher: Tanuja Rasaputra Attendance: Archuthan nagateepan; Priya Prabhu; Sahana Sundar; Suhani Basent; Adarsh Kumar; Sahana Narayan; Thaarun Paskaran; Tharuni Paskaran Value: Truth Sub-Value: Honesty Life Application: Be honest and truthful in everything you do. “Let us keep ourselves happy by being truthful and honest”. LessonPlan Download: Group 2 – 06-06-2021   To Go Back to …

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04-04-2021-Group 2-Right Conduct-Dicipline-Time Management-Tanuja Rasaputra

Teacher: Tanuja Rasaputra Attendance: Sahana Narayan Priya Prabhu Achintya Kolanuvada Sahana Sundar SuhaniBasnet Archutan Nagateepan Tarun Prakasan Taruni Prakasan AdarshKuma Roja Swami Value: Right Conduct Sub-Value: Dicipline-Time Management Life Application: Prioritise your time to the effective use of your 24 hours as per the story we listened – Jar of life. Follow the schedule you …

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04-11-2021-Group 3 – 4-Right Conduct–Sundar Venugopalan

Teacher: Sundar Venugopalan Attendance: Vaishnavi. Sujay, Abhishek, Akshatha, Shreya, Keerthana, Annika, Sreevarshini Value: Right Conduct Sub-Value: Life Application: During this week, practice “Ceiling on Desires” with respect to Food, Money, Time and Energy. In an excel sheet, please list out how you put this into practice, the challenges you faced, any improvements you made to …

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