Weekly Shoutcast

“Listen to all such things as will draw you towards God, then think it over in silence and make it a part of your consciousness, this is what makes Shravanam effective.”

Who can participate?

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Center


  • Every Week

Suitable for?

  • Adults
  • Young Adults
  • SSE Group 1/2/3/4

How long does it take to do?

  • Every week (for all week days) you can listen in anytime


Note: Please scroll below to “Weekly Shoutcast” section for listening to the current week shoutcast.


Shravanam (Listening) is the first step in the 9 forms of devotion.

The weekly shoutcast that will run for about 1 hr for the entire week is to provide a way to our devotees to listen to
1. Swami Discourses
2. Listening Bhajans
3. Most importantly to hear our own brothers / sisters share their thoughts on some topic of interest.
a. Any thought for the day that you think should be shared
b. Any topic that you would like share about (max 5 minutes duration)
c. Any experiences like dreams or incidents that you would like to share
d. Any others like Bhajans / meanings and how it helped you etc..

How can you share your thoughts or recording to us:
1. Use your own phone to record and then share that with us by going to the below link for uploading.
2. Also You can use the record button by going to the below link to self record and save the recording to your computer and upload to share with us.

To Record and Upload your recording or Just upload your recording, please kindly click Record & Upload

We encourage one and all including SSE Children to share their thoughts. Encourage parents to support as well. Thank you


How do we make it a part of our consciousness? By simply reflecting over His words in silence, which in turn helps our understanding go a little deeper, and by putting His teachings into practice and working towards our spiritual transformation. In summary, when we listen to the glories of the Lord with child-like faith, with attentiveness, with an open mind, with sincere yearning, and we reflect on His words, we finally come to practice what has been heard from the Lord. Then, and only then, the act of listening itself becomes worship of the Lord and the process of SHRAVANAM becomes effective and a form of devotion, leading us to liberation. The choice is ours.

What do you need:

1. Connection to internet / website
2. Any phone that is available to record your thoughts
3. Please download this PDF

How to Implement:


You can simply listen to the shoutcast daily or participate by sharing your thoughts


As a family can cater to about 10 minutes of your family time and listen to it during those hours while having dinner or others


All NYC Sai Centers:

Listen to Weekly Shoutcast

  • How is a real Guru – Discourse by Swami
  • Madhu Sudana Harey Madhava – Bhajans
  • Thought for the Week
  • Darshan Music

Please check the previous weeks files here:

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