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How can you share your thoughts or recording to us:
1. Use your own phone to record and then share that with us by using the below form to upload. Note: If using your phone you don’t need to use the Record button option and directly go to the below form and click the “select files” button after entering details and it will automatically take you to your default phone voice recorder application and you can record yourself and then save it and share it directly in the form.
2. Note: This option is only for Laptop / Desktop / Ipad / Amazon Fire etc. You can use the record button on this page to self record and save the recording to your computer and upload to share with us using the below form. Please see below the button and start recording and then save it to your desktop. Once done saving the recording, now go to the below form and then enter details and then click select files and browse to the location where you saved your recording and then upload and submit.


We encourage one and all including SSE Children to share their thoughts. Encourage parents to support as well. Thank you

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