All NYC Sathya Sai Centers - 95 Days Daily Bhajans

As part of our ongoing 95 Birthday Sadhana program, from Thursday, August 20, 2020 to Monday, November 23rd, 2020 we will be celebrating the 95 Days Sadhana Program.
As part of this offering, we will observe daily bhajans on all 95 days starting from August 20th.

1. Center Bhajans will be considered as part of the 95 Daily Bhajans offering and are updated in the calendar below.
2. Therefore, Thursdays / Saturdays and Sundays will be considered as bhajans day hosted by centers and will be covered as part of 95 Daily bhajans.
3. We are extending the daily bhajans to all the devotees.
4. We request the devotees to kindly avail the opportunity of hosting at least one home bhajan as part of this sadhana offering.
5. What day I can host the bhajans at my home? You can host on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday and Friday of any week between August 20th and November 23rd.
6. How can I sign up for my bhajan session? Please fill the easy form below and simply submit. That's it.
7. How can I see who all have already signed up, so that I can ensure that I host the bhajans without any conflict? Yes, you can check calendar below for all the details of devotees who have already signed up.
8. Can I host bhajans on the same day as other devotees? Yes, if you are from other centers. Avoid, if you are from the same center. This way you give opportunity to all center members to atleast join your session.
9. Is it mandatory for me to extend invitation to other members or devotees? No, you are free to host the bhajan session limited to your own family.
10. How can I host online and get some help? Please provide details when submitting your sign up. We will help you setting it online.
11. Can I host bhajans on Thursday / Saturday and Sunday? Yes, you can but ensure you don't conflict with your center meeting.
12. For any further questions, please reach out to your devotional coordinator or office bearers.
Jai Sai Ram